In honor of International Women’s Day, here are 3 female bloggers you should know and follow

Blogging. We don’t do it for the fame or for the money. (At least I don’t, I still need to increase my views. Although I am grateful for those who do read me–Hi Dad!)

Ever since I was a child I have loved writing. It is a skill I have developed over the years. With an active mind such as mine, I thrive on creativity. Megan’s Musings has allowed me to express myself through my favorite medium-the written word-since 2010.

But I’d be lying if I wasn’t inspired by some top-notch bloggers out there.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I present to you 3 of my favorite female bloggers and how they’ve inspired me.

  1. Windy City Cosmo-Amanda Elliot
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I first met Amanda in 2011 during an Internship at Streetwise Magazine in Chicago. She was new to the city, but obviously not new to writing. The first thing I noticed about her was not her superb writing skills (which she obviously has), but her determination to get the story, and she did a damn good job.

Now, she has created Windy City Cosmo, a lifestyle blog in which she “handles the personal side of business”. Amanda walks you through what’s up in Chicago–from food, to art, to events and dating.

Windy City Cosmo is your key to being in the know about city life. It’s also a great way to find networking events in the city and to just be involved in all Chicago has to offer, especially for young professionals.

2. Wander Onwards-Vanessa M.

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I first learned about Vanessa’s “Wander Onwards” blog like a lot of people, when her “23 Things to do Instead of Getting Engaged at 23” post blew up and went viral. Some people hated her uncomfortable honesty, but I admired her bravery in posting her thoughts and opinions firmly and without apology-an admirable trait and one that I consider to be of a strong woman.

Vanessa’s blog features lifestyle tips and opinions but there is also a heavy focus on travel, hence the name “Wander Onwards”. She provides a raw look at the beautiful, and sometimes challenging experience of visiting or living in a different country. She’s relatable in the realest of ways, and inspiring to so many of us who have caught the travel bug. She’s explored the biggest cities in the United States, and has taken us everywhere from the Middle East to Southeast Asia, and on over to Europe. There’s a lot of value to be taken from this blog and it’s definitely one that should be added to your favorites.

It’s a personal goal of mine to meet and interview her one day.

3. The Pore Explorer-Joann


It’s not just because she’s one of my best friends that this blog has made the list. It was a Saturday evening and we popped into a Sephora while we waited for our table to be ready at the restaurant we were about to go to. I stared at myself in the mirror and lamented about how my skin was less than perfect.

Joann walked me around the store, showing me product after product and what it would do. Dare I say, when it comes to the knowledge of these products, she could give the actual employees a run for their money.

Joann started a blog about her passion–skincare–fairly recently. An idea she had tossed around for a while, she is finally putting her best tips, advice, and product reviews together in writing so you and I can learn the best way to take care of our skin.

We all have skin, and Joann’s aim for the blog is to really guide people towards loving it.

What blogs do you love? Male or female, share your favorite blogs below in the comments.

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