On gaining confidence, and accepting that not everyone will like it


In 2017, I had a new resolution. To stop trying to please everyone. To live for me. And you know what? It’s awesome.

If you would have talked to me at age 18, as I was new to college, wanting acceptance, you would have known me a little bit differently.

I was always cautious with words, always afraid to anger or upset anyone. I caused myself more stress just trying to make everyone happy. But you simply cannot do this. It is an impossibility and you will only further hurt yourself in the process. There is a price to pay for keeping quiet and not standing your ground.

Unfortunately there are certain people out there, strangers, coworkers, or even people you’ve been friends with that will not like this confidence. They will either be threatened by it due to insecurity, or they will be angry that you are not so easily manipulated by their will.

This is not something that came easily for me. And it’s still not something I have completely mastered. But as I have aged and grown up a bit, I’ve noticed that people who really care about you are the ones that will appreciate when you speak your mind and stand up for yourself.

Does this mean I have stopped or will stop caring about people’s input? No. I respect someone who has the maturity to have a civil conversation or debate. I will continue to hold the words of those near and dear to me very close to my heart.

But there are people that want you to fail in the world for whatever their reason may be. Jealousy, insecurity, etc. Others don’t want to hear something that goes against what they know. And even though you wish you could make everyone happy, don’t sacrifice your own character, happiness and well-being. Stand your ground.

I won’t pretend nothing phases me. But I’ve wisened up when it comes to letting people influence my life. They say you teach people how to treat you. And when you let them know, some will respect it and some won’t.

But don’t be afraid to stand up and be you, because you matter.

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