4 Reasons To Join Edgewater/Ravenswood/LP Fitness Center (& 1 deal for signing up with this blog)


I’ve belonged to a number of Chicago gyms in my day. I quit one after it was so crowded that a guy next to me on the treadmill sweat on me. Another one took FOREVER to send me my cancellation refund. I had to call multiple times to finally get anyone to help me. Through all the long walks on the treadmill, the pushy salesmen and the odd-smelling locker rooms, I have found the gym to rule all gyms–and that’s Edgewater Fitness Center.

There are 3 locations–One in Edgewater (obviously), one in Ravenswood, and a smaller one in Lincoln Park. Edgewater will always have a special place in my heart, as I spent the majority of my Chicago years there. But enough about me–let me tell you about this fitness center and why you need to join.

1. The staff

Friendly, helpful, caring, and knowledgeable are just a few words to describe the staff at Edgewater Fitness Center. When I joined, I never felt pressured to make a decision right away. All the options were explained to me and everything was laid out up front. No sneaky tricks to get me to pay more than I wanted to or than I had to. And it’s rare to find that honesty these days. They also offer a free orientation for all new members. This is essentially a staff member walking you through all the equipment, showing you how to use each machine and then letting you try it for yourself. I remember on my orientation that I also asked questions about diet, and all were answered carefully. I never felt rushed.

2. The neighborhood vibe

Not everyone is a fitness god or goddess that can lift 235985340958 pounds or a supermodel who eats lettuce and appears like she stepped off a magazine cover. The point is, everyone is there just doing their own thing, working towards their own goals. Here you will find folks of all ages and all levels of fitness. No one is stuck up, everyone is friendly and trying to get fit.

3. Classes

If you’re the kind of person who needs to be motivated or you like to try different types of exercises to get in shape, you’re in luck. Edgewater and Ravenswood Fitness Center offer a variety of classes that are modified for every type of fitness level. Everything from Zumba to yoga, from cycling to weights. See for yourself:

Note: Schedule and class descriptions on www.edgewaterfitnesscenter.com
Note: Schedule and class descriptions on http://www.edgewaterfitnesscenter.com

4. It’s clean

There’s nothing more unsettling than a dirty gym. But at Edgewater Fitness Center, I’m telling you, the facilities are always clean. No weird smells or sweat lingering. Who wants to deal with that? This place looks clean and shiny, almost like you could eat off the locker room floor. I mean, don’t, but you could probably if you wanted to. And did I mentioned there are lockers and showers?

I could think of a dozen more reason why I love this place, but you’re busy, and I think I covered 4 awesome reasons why you should be a member here. There is also one limited-time deal you can take advantage of:

Sign up with this blog: Tell the staff Megan’s Musings sent you and get NO ENROLLMENT FEE

    . Limited time only, so do it quick.

    Bottom line, if you’re on the North side, this is the place you should be.
    For more information, visit http://www.edgewaterfitnesscenter.com
    or Call 773-728-2660

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