4 Reasons To Bike This Summer


Photo from Lakefront trail, by Museum Campus–Chicago, IL

Hi readers!

It’s been a while. As it always goes, I go through phases where I write a ton, followed by a dry period in which I am suffering from writer’s block. I’ve got to get better at keeping up with this.

As I sit here today writing this, I just biked 10 miles. (Humble brag). It was hard. I wanted to scream out loud. Some questionable language may have been uttered under my breath, but I did.

I got my tire fixed earlier this week and have had the chance to take the bike (I need to come up with a name for it) out a few times this week. Despite the difficult ride today which may have already deterred you from riding, I thought there no better way to get back into blogging by talking about something I enjoy, and why I love and why you could love it too. So, here you are–4 reasons to bike this summer!

1. Exercise

Let’s just get the obvious one out of the way. Desk jobs and T.V. marathons are truly wonderful things, but don’t allow us to move much. Biking is obviously a great cardiovascular exercise and burns a lot of calories. My source is science. And as with any exercise, you’ll experience the mental benefits and be in a great mood.

2. Exploration

The other night I took off west on Harrison street here in Chicago. On the trip, I discovered places I hadn’t known existed. Peaceful parks, random grocery stores, and a bunch of cool restaurants and bars I want to try. If I hadn’t taken my bike and explored a random place, I probably wouldn’t have even known about these places. If you’re bored one weekend and feeling adventurous, take a bike out and pick a random street or neighborhood you haven’t explored before. Take note of your surroundings (by the way, that includes cars, busses, and pedestrians. Be careful!)

3. Enhance traveling experience

When you’re in a car, sure, you get their fast. If you’re on a bus or train, you’ll get their fast depending on that day’s delays. But when you bike through a neighborhood or on a path, you’re using more of your five senses to experience what’s around you. You’ll feel the sun and the fresh air on your skin. You’ll smell the BBQ from that restaurant on the corner. You’ll hear summer festivals going on. Biking is a great way to really get out there and experience your city instead of just passing through it.

4. Overcoming a challenge

This is a great place to circle back to my bike ride today. The wind on the lakefront was brutal. Coming out of the north, an unavoidable force trying to hold me back. In your mind, imagine that wind as all the hardships you face in life. Every person who criticized you or told you couldn’t do something. Imagine the wind as the kid in school who made fun of your outfits. Push through.

Or do what I did and curse under your breath.

The point is once the ride was over, I felt so good. I did it! And you can too if you want!

What you’ll need: A bike–owned or rented, a helmet (must-have especially big-city biking), a drawstring bag to carry phone, keys, and other essentials, and a bike lock if you intend on stopping somewhere.

There you have it. The top 4 reasons I love biking and would recommend to you. A great way to stay in shape and enjoy the summer. I hope to update the blog a lot this summers with more pictures!

Also, watch where you park your bike!

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