Toronto Musings 4: The Distillery District, Chinatown, Koreatown, Yorkville, Queens West and the Drake

The concert was over, but we still had a full agenda for Saturday in Toronto. Some of them recommendations from our friend Brandy at Club Monaco, and some that I just knew I wanted to see–i.e. Chinatown and Koreatown. We started our morning off by setting out for the Distillery district. It was a hike from our hotel, but since the weather wasn’t too bad, we thought we would walk in the interest of checking out any sites along the way. We passed a pet store and went in for the simple purpose of petting an adorable cat. But we also stumbled upon Kensington Market. Carolina had read about it, but didn’t think there’d be time to see it. We stopped in, and it was one of the coolest places I have seen! It was almost like an indoor Farmer’s Market. I got something I have never heard of before called the “Peameal sandwich with bacon”.


It was delicious. I peeled back the sandwich and examined the meet. “What is this?” I asked, to which Carolina replied, “Canadian Bacon”. Duh. We sampled some dips and some cheeses and some olives, all of which were absolutely delicious. After exploring the market, we continued on to the Distillery district.


Eventually, after the long journey, we were there. It was a cute little area, filled with shops that aligned a quiet street with a brick road. We stumbled upon Balzac’s–a coffee shop with awesome architecture.


Carolina order a Canadian maple espresso and I ordered a Chai latte which was very enjoyable. We sipped our drinks and used the free wifi to text our loved ones, updating them on our status. We checked out a few more shops then cabbed it to Spadina and Dundas, AKA Toronto’s Chinatown! Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed. Toronto’s Chinatown is much bigger than Chicago’s. I felt that there was so much to see and I didn’t have enough time to adequately explore it all! We checked out some random markets and shops. I bought a box of Chinese green tea (Of course). But the highlight of our trip to Chinatown was our Dim-Sum lunch at Sky Dragon. The restaurant, located on the 3rd floor of a shopping center, appeaered to be small from the outside…but upon stepping inside it was like a whole new world that seemed vast and inviting. We ordered our favorite Dim-Sum dishes and had an amazing lunch.


After lunch, we cabbed it to Korea town, our next item on the list. I told Carolina that I wished I never got full, and could eat 6 times a day. There were so many cool and intriguing restaurants that I just wanted to eat at all of them. Of course I couldn’t do that. We browsed some shops in Korea town and bought some cute stuff.


We decided to follow Bloor Street all the way to Yorkville (Our feet would be mad at us later). We moved from Korea town into more shopping, with stores such as Coach and Mac, and H&M. We stopped by Mac and bought some make-up. I got this really pretty eye shadow that’s like, 2 colors in one. We checked out a Canadian pharmacy just to see what it was like. It had a different feel to it, I told Carolina, but I couldn’t put my finger on what. She told me that it was specifically a drug-store, and that things like that don’t seem to exist in the U.S. anymore. Walgreens today is like a grocery store. By this time, our feet were aching. The night before after such a great experience, we decided we wanted to go back to the Drake. It was just too good. So we did some more walking, stopped in a couple of cool little shops (including one that was dedicated to ONLY socks!). Eventually, we reached the Drake and enjoyed some more drinks, and the lobster nachos. After that, we headed back to the hotel–happy but sad, as it was our last full day in Toronto.


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