More Toronto Musings: The Concert

After an incredibly delightful experience at The Drake Hotel, it was the moment I had been waiting for. The reason that Toronto became my next travel destination.

About a month ago, Toronto was the winning city for Krowdpop, a site that basically promotes K-POP stars and you vote for the city you want to see them in. If a certain city can sell a certain amount of tickets by a particular date, that city wins and the concert is on.


As I mentioned before, my wonderful friend Carolina jumped on board for this. This show, featuring the talented and dreamy Jay Park may have been the catalyst for the trip, there was much more fun to be had in Toronto besides the concert.

Nevertheless, the show was so good. I got to the venue feeling pretty good after our extraordinary cocktails at The Drake. I didn’t know much about San E or Ailee prior to the show, because let’s face it, I was going for Jay Park. But they were both awesome. I developed a new favorite K-Pop song (San E-Body Language). And Ailee can really work a stage and has an amazing voice.

Of course San E went on first, then Ailee. They had to make us wait for Jay Park! By the time they dimmed the lights and Jay Park made his way to the center stage, my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t even handle it. Long story short, songs were sung, screams were screamed, and fun was had. I knew it would be pretty awesome to see Jay live, since I’ve been basically infatuated with him for like, 2 years, but truly, it was more than I ever imagined. The boy knows how to perform and put on a good show. His vocals were on point, the dancing was superb, and the energy that permeated throughout the auditorium was apparent. 10 out of 10 for no bull and just pure talent on the stage.


After the show, even though I wanted to stay to catch a glimpse of Jay leaving, we grabbed a cab and headed home. Turns out the cab driver was kind of sexist. He started off telling us about the Shangri-La hotel and how expensive it is, and blah blah. Then he proceeded to tell us women don’t need to really worry about money and that it’s the men who take care of the bills.

You know, cuz we aren’t 2 female travelers in Toronto without any men.



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