Stop Hating On Valentine’s Day: A second-annual rant

It’s that time of year again. The stores are filled with red and white decorations, chocolates and roses fill the air, and there comes a long line of people who bash Valentine’s Day, some of them going as far to bash those who celebrate it. Well, knock it off. No one is forcing you to celebrate it. No one is even forcing you to like it. But then again, we live in a society as one fellow-blogger has previously written where it’s cool and edgy to hate Valentine’s Day. I see through all of you, and allow me to counter every single argument you will make against my point:

“Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday”

Ok, so? Your point is what? Every holiday is marketed. Think about Christmas and how early stores start selling tinsel and trees and ornaments. You don’t see nearly as many people hating on Christmas as you do with Valentine’s Day–granted, it is a religious day so I won’t argue that point further. But the point is, there is marketing that goes into every single holiday, and yes, Valentine’s Day is included in that group.

“I don’t think you should have to have a special day to show your love to someone”

No, you shouldn’t. But on the same token, what’s wrong with having a day to show your love for someone? What’s wrong wtih loving or caring about someone 24/7, 365, but having a day to do something special together–like go out to dinner, drink a bottle of wine, or get them flowers? If you treat your significant other/friend/family member like crap on a daily basis but give them chocolates on Valentine’s Day, thats your own problem. Don’t take it out on the holiday.

“You’re in a relationship. You don’t get what it’s like to be single on Valentine’s Day”

Wrong. Not even a matter of opinion here. I’ve been through a lot of Valentine’s Days…25 to be exact. And I loved every one of them. Some of them were spent single, some of them were spent in a relationship, and others were spent wishing I could be with someone who I wasn’t. In fact, my earliest and favorite memories of Valentine’s Day were the ones that invovled my family. I remember my Dad giving my sister and I a rose. I remember my mom giving us a basket of chocolates and candy and lip gloss and other girly stuff before school. It has always been a day to receive something a little special.

Here are some alternatives to boycotting the day:

  • Write nice messages on post-it notes for your coworkers and put them on their desk
  • Call your mom or dad and tell him/her you love them
  • Tell someone they look pretty
  • Surprise a friend with their favorite snack
  • Get a bottle of wine and drink with yourself or friends

I understand Valentine’s Day doesn’t carry the same sort of feeling and nostalgia for everyone that it does for me. To each their own. But please remember this holiday to cease the eye-rolls, scoffs, and rude comments because I’m going to have dinner with my boyfriend. You have the right to dislike Valentine’s Day but I have the right to celebrate as I please. So, at the very least, be respectful, and enjoy some candy and chocolate.


  1. I know it is a little after the fact, but I really liked this post. I am actually a Valentine’s Day hater and I have found myself saying all of the above, but I can see your point of view very clearly and I perfectly understand it and actually agree with it. So thank you for sharing!

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