4 Affordable Products You Need To Have Today

In the busy lives we lead, we all welcome things that will improve our life–things that will assist us in efficiency and organization but won’t break the bank.

I have an announcement to make to all of my readers–below are some seriously cool and affordable products that will improve your life. And for the time being, you can get 15% off your order of anything listed below and more on the site by entering the discount code: Musings14.

1. The KeySmart key-holder

If you’re anything like me, you often routinely dig for your keys in the bottom of your purse. The frustrations builds as your tear through your belongings, only to find a pile of keys–unorganized and bulky.

The KeySmart key-holder will solve your key problems. Handmade in Chicago, this innovative product is  designe to organize your keys by holding between 2 and 100 depending on your selection. It’s compact, so it will take up less space in your pocket or purse. It’s strong, will fit virtually any key, and is available in a variety of colors to match your taste. Kiss the jingle and disorganization goodbye and order your KeySmart today!

Click here to order the KeySmart keyholder and more. (Use the discount code: Musings14 for 15% off!

2. Card Sharp

A credit card that turns into a knife? This is sleek enough to keep in your wallet with your other cards, and with a few folds, it can be transformed into a super sharp knife. Sturdy and handy, it’s useful, but you can also impress people with this neat little tool.

Click here to order the Card Sharp (Use the discount vode: Musings14 for 15% off!

3. Bottle Opener

I explained in number 1 how you can organize all your keys with one simple product. Throw in a little more convenience and add a bottle opener to your KeySmart key-holder. You’ll have your keys and other functional objects in one organized spot. Whip it out at parties or other group settings–you’ll be the most resourceful and handy person in the room.

Click here to order the bottle opener and more. (Use the discount code: Musings14 to get 15% off your order!)

4. Multi-Tool Card

This is every traveler, hiker, or backpacker’s dream come true. Organize all your tools in one spot in an area the size of any other card. It will fit right in your pocket…and there are few dilemmas you won’t overcome with this handy card.

All the above products and more can be purchased, with a special discount on me at https://keysmart.refersion.com/c/6a28

Just enter the discount code: Musings14 to get 15% your order. It’s all very useful and affordable. Here’s your chance to get extremely helpful, futuristic and just plain cool stuff at a low price!

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