4 True and eerie disappearances to boggle your mind this month

I wrote a post over 3 years ago about Five mysterious disappearances that have boggled the minds of investigators over the years. To this day, it has consistently been my most popular post among readers. Due to it’s popularity, I have compiled another list of strange and unsolved disappearances. I have again highlighted the mystery of Edward and Stefania Andrews and Catherine Sjoberg, in a bit more detail. The other 2 have not yet been highlighted in this blog.

When someone goes missing, it is never a pleasant situation. However, these cases stand out as extremely odd. While in some cases, it is easy for investigators to pinpoint a suspect, these will leave you scratching your head and wondering, “what in the world?”

Asha Degree

A nine-year old girl from North Carolina, seen safe in her bed by her father at 2:30 am. Nothing about this seems odd. This could be why what happened next was so disturbing, boggling the minds of her family and investigators.

Asha shared a room with her older brother, who stated he heard noises in the early morning hours of February 14, 2000, but assumed his sister was simply tossing and turning in her sleep. However when her mother went into the room to wake the kids for school at 6:30, Asha was not in her bed.

Two truck drivers spotted the child walking north on highway 18, a mile from her home, sometime between 3:30 and 4 in the morning. Around that time, she walked off the highway and into the darkness.

Asha was thought to be a generally happy child. She was shy, but active in school and a member of a basketball team. The team had lost their first game the day before her disappearance, and she was upset, but got over it pretty quick. In the month prior to when she went missing, her class read a book about children who ran away, detailing their adventures. For this reason, the fact that Asha was seen walking on the highway alone, and the fact that her purse and book bag were missing along with her, authorities believe she may have left her house on her own accord.

Three days after her disappearance, Asha’s pencil, marker, and Mickey Mouse hair bow were found in the doorway of a tool shed. It was off a stretch of road that Asha was seen walking on the morning she vanished.

It gets more bizarre.

18 months after Asha disappeared, a contractor found Asha’s bookbag, double wrapped in plastic, buried off Highway 18, 26 miles from her home. It was found in the complete opposite direction that she had been seen walking. Some animal bones and a pair of men’s khaki pants were discovered nearby where the backpack had been buried.

Extensive searches of the area turned up no sign of Asha and she has never been heard from again. Why did Asha get up in the middle of the night and walk the highway into the darkness? What became of her and why did her belongings start turning up a year after she was last seen? It’s enough to keep you awake at night.

If Asha is still alive today, she would be 24 years old. For more on her case, click here.

Zebb Quinn

18-year-old Quinn had planned to look at autmobiles with a friend after his shift ended at Wal-Mart around 9 pm. He had planned to meet his friend, Robert Owens, at the lot. The men were seen on a security camera at a gas station buying soda at 9:15 pm. Owens stated that Quinn has flashed his headlights around 9:30 and that both the men pulled over to the side of the road.

Quinn said he got a page, and needed to pull off to make a phone call. And this is where it gets weird: He returned 10 minutes later, rear-ending Owens vehicle, apologizing for the incident, stating he could no longer look at vehicles before speeding off into the night.

Owens called Wal-Mart 2 days after Quinn was last seen and told them that Quinn wouldn’t be in for work because he was ill. It is said that after this initial statement, Owens stopped cooperating with police.

Here’s the REALLY weird part.

Quinn’s car was found abandoned 2 weeks after his disappearance, in a restaurant parking lot. Inside the vehicle? Empty drink bottles, a jacket that didn’t belong to Quinn, a plastic hotel key, and get this: A 3 month old Labrador puppy that did not belong to Quinn. A pair of lips along with two exclamation points had been drawn in lipstick on the rear window of the car. Also, the driver’s seat was adjusted for someone much shorter than Quinn.

Quinn has not been seen or heard from since his 2000 disappearance. Why did Owens stop cooperating with police after calling him in sick at work? Why the location of the abandonded car, and why was a random combination of items, along with an unknown puppy alone in the vehicle? It just doesn’t make sense, and unless Quinn turns up, it likely never will.

Quinn would be 32 if he is still alive today. For more on his case, click here.

Catherine Sjoberg

It was prom night, 1974. The event took place at the Concord House, a secluded dance hall off Interstate 94 in Concord, Wisconsin. Witnesses saw Catherine leave the dance hall for “a breath of fresh air” after an argument with her boyfriend in the early morning hours. He supposedly passed a polygraph test during the investigation.

As Catherine was supposed to spend the night at a friends house, her mother didn’t discover her missing until the next day. She had several commitments, including passing out programs at a commencement cerimony, and participating in a wedding as the maid of honor. She missed both these events which her mother says is not like her.

Searches for the 17-year old turned up nothing. She, nor the light blue formal dress she wore has ever been found. What happened to Catherine? Was she abducted by someone passing by? If she were alive today, she’d be 57 years old. For more on her case, click here.

Edward and Stephania Andrews

The year was 1970 and the place was the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago. The Andrewses, a couple from Arlington Heights, Illinois were at a cocktail party, sponsored by the Women’s Auxilary of the Beverage Institute, a group which Stephania was a part of. At 9:30 pm, Edward complained of being hungry and felt ill. Stephania, for an unknown reason was seen crying.

The couple left the party. According to the parking garage attendant, Edward hit the door with his car on the way out. He had to back up, reposition and continue again. The attendant also stated he saw Edward turn the wrong way on Michigan Avenue, driving north in a southbound lane. Edward, Stephania, nor their car, has ever been seen again.

Weird, right? Well, it gets more odd. Investigators theorized that perhaps Edward had veered off, crashing the car into the Chicago river, as some skid marks were seen over the bridge. However, a search turned up no evidence of the vehicle. Even a general clean-up of the river performed later turned up 12 automobiles–none of which belonged to the Andrewses.

Everyone who knew the couple stated they were hard-working, good people. There has been no activity on their credit cards since that evening. What happened at the cocktail party that caused Stefania to be in tears? Was it related to their disappearance? Why was Edward driving erratically, and why has the Andrewses vehicle never turned up? As over 40 years have passed, we may never know.

Edward and Stephania were presumed dead, as if they were alive today, they’d be well over 100 years old.

For more on their case, click here.

Source: http://www.charleyproject.org

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  1. It’s so sad that mysteries like these may never be solved. Just missing people with no answers. A very scary thought…that a person can just “disappear”. The disturbing part is that these people didn’t just disappear–something happened to them and the person who knows of their whereabouts has gotten away with it…that’s messed up.

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