3 Things that annoy me

We all have pet peeves or things that really grind our gears. Here are three of mine, for your information.

1. The association of cats and a life of solitude and loneliness


I’m tired of the term “Crazy cat-lady” being used to refer to a delusional girl or woman who is alone and has no social life outside of that with her feline companion. It gives us cat people, and cats for the matter, a bad image. Stop judging me because I love my cat, or even because I have a “Crazy cat-lady” mug. Cats are wonderful if you take the time to understand them. Paws and check yourself.

2. The misuse of the word “Literally”

It’s not just social media, but it’s also in published articles, and I hear it all the time in conversation. “I was literally invisible in high school” or “I was so scared I literally jumped out of my skin” are both instances in which the word “literally” is used incorrectly. If both of these things were actually true, magic would be real and you’d die of exposed muscle and nerves. “I was on the bus for literally 30 minutes” is another instance in which the word is not necessary. Literally 20 minutes as opposed to figuratively 20 minutes? It doesn’t make you sound smart, but actually less so, because you’re using it wrong!

3. When people talk too much and don’t listen enough.

There are times I like to go on and on and on about something I am passionate about. I’ve worn out the vocal cords and probably exhausted a few nearby ears. But I have always valued and appreciated an ability and willingness to listen. I think there are people in the world that think by talking a lot about something, they are showing off their knowledge. But to me, an intelligent person knows when to be quiet and listen. After all, listening is the way to gain more knowledge.

There you have it. Share with me what gets on your nerves below!

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