4 Things I Regret


It doesn’t matter what people say—everyone has regrets. Things we wish we had done, or done when we shouldn’t have. For my personal expression and your possible entertainment, here are four things that I regret.

1. Not going to Grant Park on the night Barack Obama won the election
In 2008, I was a sophomore in college. That election night, Grant Park was packed with hundreds of thousands ready to watch the victory speech of the first black president. But, huge crowds in Chicago can occasionally be dangerous. With an early class the next morning, I opted to stay home and watch coverage on T.V. The next few weeks I heard from my roommate, and another friend, how amazing it was to be there. How people were crying and hugging each other and cheering. From then on, I had always wished I had gone. Now, when I’m old, what will I be able to say to the grandchildren? “Where was I on the night the first African American President was elected? Well, I saw it….on T.V….in my dorm room. On the plus side, I heard the CTA was a nightmare. Everyone knows how I feel about the CTA.

2. Not going on the Scorpion Tail at Noah’s Ark
On my first flight ever, at age 17, I went to a country that was literally on the other side of the world–a place where people spoke a language I did not understand. OK, I will stop bragging and get to the point: I have done some daring things. But, after confidently agreeing to ride the Scorpion Tail–Noah’s Ark’s new thrilling waterslide, with Wes (the boyfriend), I found myself walking down the many steps I had walked up 10 moments earlier. Chickening out. I was met at the bottom with 2 other girlfriends, all of which were waiting for THEIR significant others. We bonded over the fact that the boys made fun of us. Shortly thereafter, I was greeted by a soaked Wes. “That wasn’t even that scary,” he said. In retrospect, I should have just done it. But hey, in my defense, we had to face parking fees and locker rental, and that was the scariest part of all.

3. Not cooking more
Don’t get me wrong–sitting down at my favorite restaurant and enjoying some delicious food with no burden of cooking or doing dishes is quite the treat, but it can be a strain on the wallet. Some of my favorite times have been spent cooking, by myself, or with loved ones. Looking back, I wish there were more occasions that I opted to try out a new recipe instead of getting take-out from down the street (although it was delicious).

4. Getting that last drink

I am sure many 20-somethings can relate. My body can’t handle liquor the way it used to. Not that I was ever able to handle a lot, but there are a few times I can think of that I should have grabbed a glass of water instead of that last drink. This particular regret comes in the form of a headache and nausea.

So, there you have it. Four things I wish I could do/undo. I am lucky–all of these can be fixed, with the exception of number 1.

What are your regrets?

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