My birth control is NOT your business


Today the Supreme Court ruled that business owners can choose to object to a provision of ObamaCare that requires private companies to provide health insurance that covers birth control.

Facebook has been erupting with posts in favor of and against the ruling. I don’t usually like to get political, but I wanted to share my 2 cents on this one. Here they are: I don’t like it and I don’t agree.

The constitution allows me a right to privacy. And according to Cornell’s definition of a fundamental right, “Examples of fundamental rights not specifically listed in the Constitution include the right to marry and the right to privacy, which includes a right to contraception and the right to interstate travel.”

This ruling, in my opinion, is like a step backwards. In a world where women have risen above all sorts of situations in which our rights have been suppressed, we have historically overcome such discriminations. We are taken more seriously and can function beyond cleaning, and making sandwiches for the men of the world. To think that now our employers will have the authority to dictate such decisions in the lives of women is upsetting and follows a somewhat outdated practice.

Let me remind everyone that the birth control pill is used for plenty more than just contraception. It can help women with menstrual cramps, to regulate her cycle, to control hormones, and plenty more. But that’s besides the point. That argument infers that there is something wrong with women choosing to use a form of contraception, when the choice is a personal one.

How is it that a corporation/my employer should be entitled to decide if I get birth control covered or not? Why is it any of their business? Why should they have the right to impose their beliefs on me? Perhaps they don’t share the same beliefs, fine. No one is forcing you to use any sort of contraception, but no one should limit my ability to do so. Just because you own a business, that does not mean you own my body. This choice should be left up to the individual alone. The only other person that can have a say about it is my doctor.

Because that fact is, it’s no one else’s damn business.

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