A Day In the Life of a cat

By Arya "Meowzers" the cat.
By Arya “Meowzers” the cat.

Meow. I’m Arya. I am 1 year old, whatever that means. In other words, I am 1,195 naps and 74 cans of Friskies old. I see everyone always going on and on about Grumpy cat and I wanna be famous too, so I asked my human if I can use the Internet too. I’m here to tell you about a day in my life. 

It starts after Mom takes the big nap when it’s dark out. After it’s light outside, that little box that she is always sticking in my face that flashes makes sounds. Mom pushes buttons then goes back to sleep. This happens 3 times. Sometimes mom needs help getting up so she can fill my dish. (I like the food from the can but I only get that as a treat.) I climb on mom so she will get up. Sometimes I even lick her nose. If there’s one thing I have learned from being a kitty, you have to be sweet to get your way. Finally, she gets up and fills my dish with the food from the bag. 

Mom opens the things that cover the big box of light where I can see outside. I get much kisses, then she opens that big wooden box and goes away. This happens most days and mom is gone for a long time until the dark comes back. So much time and so much to do, but I take my first nap. 

After that, the options are endless. There are many black strings attached to the wall I can bite. Sometimes I see mom’s little box that makes noise and takes my picture connected to one. I like to bite them. It’s so fun. Mom seems to be hiding them in the drawer these days. Next I look outside. Then I take my next nap. 

After that I go to the bathroom by my sandbox. I kick some around and there is a roll of white paper in there. It’s a big wheel I spin with my paws and the paper unravels everywhere and I am in kitty heaven. I can tear it and bite it and kick it around. After this I am pretty tired so I take my third nap on the bed. 

Next is my favorite part. There is a jingle outside the big box that opens and Mom walks in. She picks me up and gives me a hug. I am not sure if my name is Arya, Meowzers, sweets, or babe. Mom calls me all of those. Sometimes she says brat cat or fat cat or chubs (What is a chubs? Is it food?) I think it’s because I am so special that I get to have lots of names. 

Mom throws the pink ball and dangles the string and then she goes to the room with my food and makes her own Friskies. I climb on the counter because I am forever curious. She makes me get down but I get back up. I am determined. 

The human uses the Internet and gives me much kisses. Then she gets ready to take the big nap. As soon as the lights go out, it’s time to play again. I run laps around the apartment and make lots noise. Mom says “Arya!” I think she’s cheering me on like I am running in a race. Eventually I get tired and climb next to Mom for the big nap. I take good care of her and have to keep her safe when she sleeps. 

When it’s light out again, Mom has replaced the white paper for me to play with. If I am lucky there might be a black string sticking out of the wall to bite. Either way I can’t wait for Mom to come home again. 

Thank you for reading a day in the life of Arya. Meow. 

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