The difference between girls and women


Before you think this post is me getting up on my high horse, think again.

I just want to vent something I have noticed in society and point out what complete crap it is. So, I commence: The different between girls and women.

It’s definitely not a matter of age. Nor, contrary to what you would think by what we are exposed to on a daily basis, it’s not a matter of appearance. My opinion? It’s a matter of attitude.

I am so sick of going on Twitter, watching T.V., witnessing REAL LIFE and seeing/hearing things like:

“I look way better than her”
“She’s a bitch. Slut. Insert other derogatory name here.”
“He doesn’t want you, he wants me.”

There are song lyrics out there from girls who brag about stealing other girls’ boyfriends. They boast this fact like it’s a positive thing, like it’s something they should be revered for.

No wonder there are some guys out there that treat women so badly. Because we treat their attention, acceptance, approval, like some kind of prize that makes us superior if we win it. We fight over them, when they should be fighting for us. And it drives me nuts! I don’t know everything there is to know about life and relationships, but I do know that if a guy cheats on a girl or leaves her because she’s “hotter” or whatever these girls like to brag about, it’s because:

A) He’s a shallow prick
B) He’s immature
C) He doesn’t deserve her
D) All of the above

But as annoying and disturbing as it is to think about how this childish banter between females may be inflating some male egos, there is something even scarier. These are the lyrics, the tweets, the images, and the attitudes that young women are looking at as normal. A generation of girls are being taught that their self-worth depends solely on their appearance and their ability to please a man.

I really just want to see women coming together and standing up for each other. We are all the same gender. We go through many of the same struggles. So, why do we need to fight each other, criticize each other, and belittle each other in these demeaning ways? Why is our basic instinct to attack another female as if she is the biggest threat we face? Where is the compassion and understanding?

A woman, in my opinion, is not a term that is simply applied to a female that has reached age 18. A woman is someone who understands her self-worth, and who respects the self-worth of others. She is strong, opinionated, and doesn’t engage in hateful actions. She doesn’t put others down to build herself up. This is my hope for the girls of the world–that they can grow up to be real women.

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