7 ridiculous instances of “Beliebing”


We all know that Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach last week for a DUI. And you all knew I was going to open my mouth about it.

The Twitterverse exploded with all sorts of opinions on the subject, and Justin’s faithful fans were of course among the most vocal. Here’s a look at 7 examples of “Beliebing” that rocked the Internet. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, kids.

Names and photos have been blacked-out to protect the identity of the Beliebers.

Actually, no. He was arrested because he was 19. And drag racing. And because he was high. And on pills. And because he was drinking. But hey, I guess it’s a possibility that the cops are just out to get the poor guy.

I am sure that excuse will go over well with the teacher. Keep us posted.

Would you stand by Justin if he had intense B.O.? Or if he wreaks of booze and marijuana?

What if he punched a nun and kicked a puppy? Would that be OK?

Yes, he was “drinking” under the influence. He was also DRIVING. I really, sincerely hope this tweet is a joke.

lol. Drinking under the influence. I hate when people do that.

Very serious indeed. There ought to be a law that forbids people from having more than one drink, so they don’t drink under the influence.

In all seriousness, what Bieber did is no joke. Go ahead and support your idol, but I would only do so if he owned up to what he did and came out to apologize instead of making excuses. Until then, why support what he did? Is he really above the law? Just my 2 cents.

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