3 types of posts I don’t want to see on my Facebook feed


If it weren’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t be able to be so connected with friends I have met over the years. Being able to share photos, thoughts, and general updates about our lives is a positive thing. But we all have those few posts that can leave you angry, grossed out, or just asking, why? Here is a brief look into a few types of posts that I really wouldn’t mind not seeing. Ever.

1. The Attention-Seeker

We all know this one. They upload a close-up shot of their face with a caption that reads “OMG I am so gross without make-up!!!” My main problem with this kind of post is that, if you honestly believe you didn’t look good, you would not have uploaded the picture. So, why else would you upload the photo, other than to get likes and plenty of complimentary comments on how your natural beauty is shining through. Save yourself time and energy, because we all see through the act.

2. The over-sharer

Bodily functions, no matter the context, should generally not appear on a forum that can be seen by a collection of your peers and relatives. You may be concerned about something medically. Don’t upload a photo of a growth on your toe and ask your Facebook friends to diagnose the problem. Just log on to WebMD like the rest of us. Or for crying out loud, use the private message function!

3. The opinionated one

Every other post is politically-fired or a rant about some facet of life. Hey, freedom of speech, I get it. That’s cool. But if you know that something you are about to post is going to royally piss people off, and that is your sole reason for posting it, you might reconsider. And if you post it knowing it’s going to upset someone, don’t then act surprised or offended when it does. Think twice before you hit that “Post” button.


So, whether you’re guilty of any of these or not, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave your Facebook pet peeves below.


  1. I love this- especially the second one!

    I have a lot of mom’s on my Facebook and as much as I love babies and support mom’s who choose to breastfeed, I don’t care to read about their pumping dilemma’s or their toddler’s diarrhea. Barf 😛

  2. Status updates that are spread across numerous posts, like we’re expected to be following their every word. If I’m scrolling through my homepage feed and other people have posted in between these posts, how am I meant to understand the individual posts of the annoying person?!

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