How to take the perfect selfie: A step-by-step guide

Have you ever looked at Instagram and wondered, so many people are taking selfies these days…I wonder how I can?! Well, fear no more. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be getting likes in no time!

1. Start with your face



2. Put on a little make-up


3. That’s not enough, so put on more make-up.


That’s more like it. Now…

4. Make a pouty face (Careful not to cross into the “duck face” territory)


5. Find a prime location, preferably the bathroom, to take your selfie




6. Gauge your mirror space. 


Now that you know how much space you’re working with….

7. Make your location obvious


Make sure everyone knows you’re in the bathroom.


Get the tub and shower curtain in there. 


Bonus points if the toilet is featured. 

9. Now that you’ve made your location clear, snap the winning shot. 


Seeing the phone in the picture is also a plus.

10. Slap a filter on that sucker


Add a couple hashtags on there and there you have it! Now, what are you waiting for? Get off the computer and start the process to your perfect selfie!

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