Reasons why a pet can be better than most people

Here she goes, taking the crazy-cat lady persona to the extreme…




But hold on. Don’t dismiss this post just yet. Take a look at my reasons that my cat is better than most people:


1. They don’t judge you. For anything. 


You can walk around your apartment in your pajamas all day. You can come out of the shower singing off key and as long as their dish is full, they don’t care. They’re still going to love you no matter how you look in the morning, and despite of whatever disgusting combination of chips, cheese, and hot sauce you’ve put together from the contents of your cabinet. Ahem.

2. They are adorable even when they are up to no good. 


If my cat bites me, it hurts for a second but then I look at her face and forgive her instantly. She’s just too cute to be mad at. However, if a stranger on the bus bit me, it would be horrifying. Sure there are challenges. It may be late and she may be getting into something she shouldn’t, preventing me from sleeping. She may tear apart the toilet paper for fun. But it makes a funny story. 

3. They put up with ridiculous crap. Like when we throw them a birthday party. 


They put up with constantly having a camera in their face because they’re just so darn cute. We hug and kiss them. They put up with so much and they love us anyway. On a sidenote, you better take off whatever costume you made them wear once you have a picture as to avoid any negative repercussions. 

4. They take joy in the most simple things.


What human do you know that takes so much joy in a string on a stick or a ball in the yard? 

5. They accomplish tasks we thought were never possible.


Just when you  thought there was a place they couldn’t reach, they find it. They leave us laughing and wondering all at the same time. 

So, I guess humans have their perks. We have thumbs. We can communicate with words. But if you have a pet, go give him or her a treat, a hug, and be thankful to have them in your life.



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