3 reasons we hate riding the bus

After work. You’re tired. You’re hungry. You have somewhere to be, even if it’s home. But first you must battle the trials and tribulations of a CTA bus. We’ve all been there. Here’s a look at some of the most annoying things about riding a CTA bus.

1. Where the bleep is it?

The tracker has said “5 minutes” for the last 20. Meanwhile, three of the same busses that aren’t yours just passed by. You’re standing outside, in the blistering Chicago heat, or the bitter frost-bite inducing cold, peering down the street as far as you can see hoping to see that number. And when you see those lights, your hope is shattered when you find out it’s just a big truck. At this point, you just get on whatever drives by. At least you’ll go somewhere. In fact, the bus tracker should look something like this:


2. Packed in.

At last! Your bus has finally pulled up to your stop. You’re thrilled! But you are soon sorely disappointed when you realize the inside of it looks something like this:


This is a frustrating one whether or not you’re already on the bus or you’re trying to get on. If you’re already on, you will get shoved by the anxious commuters hoping to fill that last ounce of space that’s left. That little pocket where there’s a sliver of room. It’s like feeding pigeons in the park. They all swoop down and fight for the last piece of bread crust. And there’s always that ONE person who, despite seeing that the bus is jam packed, will push and shove their way to the back. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. But it’s irritating.

3. Inch by inch.

Traffic and people. And stoplights. And bus stops. You’re on the bus. You’ve found your space. You’re likely pressed between a girl with a giant backpack that hits people recklessly as she shifts positions and a man with intense B.O. But hey, you’re on the bus and moving. But barely. It’s been 10 minutes and you’ve moved about 20 feet. Next time, you might as well slap a stamp on your forehead and mail yourself to your next destination.

Getting from A to B–always a joy.

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