It’s Justin Bieber, not Jesus

It’s becoming all too common with social media. Twitter and Facebook provide the perfect platform to follow your favorite celebs, and swoon over them relentlessly with the rest of the fanbase. You dig their music. You just love them. You probably had a dream that involved you and them and wedding bells. I get it.

I grew up when NSYNC was at the height of their fame. There was Hanson
(Taylor was my favorite).

There was Clay Aiken…

…and during his 8701 days, Usher.


It’s totally normal and fun to obsess over a celebrity. But But some people, no matter who they idolize today, take it to a ridiculous level.

Justin Bieber is a great example of this, but it exists in all fanbases. Whether you’re a Belieber, Directioner, part of Rihanna’s “Navy”, one of Lady Gaga’s “Monsters”. Miley’s “smilers.” You might kiss him or her given the opportunity, but for crying out loud, don’t throw yourself over a bridge or drink poision for them. For all you fanatics out there, I have outlined just a few reaons to chill with the buffoonery.

    1. They are not above you

If Justin Bieber blows his nose, he still leaves behind a snotty tissue. His tears are not made of gold and the ground he walks on is not sacred. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scrolled through tweets that read “Justin is better than you” or “Justin has more money than you’ll ever have”. Ok, great story. I’m not saying he’s not talented. But because he has money, and fame, and 3290843942348934 girls fawning over him, that does not make him better, or give him a pass to act as such.

    2. They are human

Not everything that comes out of their mouth is the gospel. That means, if they come out with a song or a music video you don’t like, you should not be persecuted for saying so. You can respect and artist without loving every single thing he or she puts out. Oh, and by the way, I also see a lot of fighting going on between fanbases. Lady Gaga got more followers on Twitter than Bieber? I guess we should verbally attack those people and put her down. Rihanna made a nasty comment about someone’s picture on Instagram? Gang up on her and bully her cuz Rihanna did it. Really? Aren’t there more important issues to debate? If your idol doesn’t win an award, be disappointed, but don’t go full-on crazy.

    3. What have they done for you lately?

People act like if there was a puddle in the street and needed to walk over it, they wouldn’t just give him or her their jacket, they’d lay down in the street and let them walk on them. You spend all your time giving them money, buying their albums, going to their shows, and fighting anyone who has the slightest bit of criticism by threats of death. I can’t help but ask, what are they doing for you? Sure, they may be great at their art, but do you see them laying down in the street for you? Me either.

Before I get attacked for this post, just know I’m not bashing your favorite celebs. As a former fangirl myself, I’m just trying to give some advice on how to take it down a notch. Love them, adore them, but chill. It’s not that serious.


  1. Well we judge everyone, celebrity or not. So why is it so strange we judge celebrities as well? It’s a human thing we all do.

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