10 songs I like that you probably haven’t heard of

If you know me, you know I have an eclectic taste in music. While I do enjoy a fair amount of what’s on the radio, I also listen to a lot of international music, as well as some songs that are not widely known. If you’re open-minded and looking to add something new to your playlist, check out the 10 songs below.

Raghav-Let’s work it out (English)

Raghav is a Canadian singer, of Indian descent. You can hear a lot of Indian flavors in his music. Also check out “Angel Eyes” and “Weakness”

Shola Ama-Still Believe (English)

Shola Ama is a British singer with a killer voice. Also check out “Take it Back” and “Imagine”. Beautiful voice.

Big Bang-Bad Boy (Korean)

Love their style. Korean hip-hop and extremely catchy. Good tune.

Wang Lee Hom-What’s wrong with me? (Mandarin/English)

I’ve been a Leehom fan now for 7 years. I listened to his music back in the day to help me learn Chinese. Here’s one with a rock-n-roll kinda vibe.

Jay R-Bakit Pa Ba (Tagalog)

Balad from the Philipinnes. Great karaoke song if you can learn the words.

Fahrenheit and Hebe-I only have feelings for you (Mandarin)

I love this. You can probably tell from the title–it’s a love song. Very enjoyable to listen to.

The Feverfew-Goodbye Blue Monday (English)

A band based out of Brooklyn, NY. Mellow tune with beautiful piano solo.

Jay Chou-Fa Ru Xue (Mandarin)

Beautiful Chinese song, very catchy.

Tiro de Gracia-El Juego Verdadero (Spanish)

A group from Chile. A friend from Peru showed me this song when I was in high school. I am really not sure of what is being said, but I enjoy the beat.

Jay Park-Star (Korean)

Seattle born, Korean-descent, Jay Park is not only a vocalist, but a superb dancer. Check out his other videos for more dancing.

I’m always looking for new music, so feel free to share some of your favorites below.

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