Old-School Rants

Being 24 and graduated from college, there is a lot that schooling throughout my life has taught me. But there are a few things that I need to get off my chest.

The elementary school justice system failed me.

I remember when I was 7 or 8, our teacher had this policy that the next time someone tattles on someone, she’s not going to argue with anyone, she’s simply going to make the accused stay in for recess. You can imagine my frustration when one of the other girls in my class completely blatantly lied and told the teacher I had called her stupid during a game of kickball. I had to stay in for recess even though I was innocent. I was so frustrated I cried the whole time.

Another time when I was 5, someone ripped the boys “Bathroom pass” and was too afraid to confess. There were these laminated paper teddy-bears, one blue and one pink, with lanyards on them that we were supposed to take with us when we went to the bathroom. And because the boys one was ripped, we all had to sit in a little circle until the perpetrator confessed. Looking back, it seems like kind of a silly thing to hold such a trial for.

We got a speech on how it is always better to tell the truth. Finally, the kid confessed, crying, and got a huge hug and round of applause.

So tell me why, when I accidently tore the girls pass, and immediately told the teacher, I didn’t get the same sort of attention?! All I got was “Thanks for telling me, but be careful next time.”

Being a Catholic school, grades K-8, we had another policy that girls’ shorts had to be longer than the tip of your finger when you stood up straight and held your arms straight down by your sides (and we also needed to get permission from the administration to wear shorts anyway). Newsflash to anyone who thought this was a good rule: They don’t make girls’ shorts that long, but whatever. I had gotten scratched on the playground and was bleeding on my leg. I went to the principal’s office and asked for a Band-Aid. Instead, I got a lecture on how I wouldn’t have gotten hurt if my shorts were just a LITTLE longer.

Just give me the band-aid.

These experiences taught me that life is not fair. People lie and sometimes get away with it. Your good work and doing the right thing is not always appreciated, and some rules (particularly regarding wardrobe selections) are just stupid. But hey, every lesson is an important lesson.

And now that I have gotten that off my chest, I will put my Dad’s “Phrase of the day” into practice.

Let it go.

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