Trolls and Racism

While going through my latest phase of writers block, I pondered what to write about next for Megan’s Musings. I turned to one of my best friends, DeAnna for ideas.

“Have you heard about the racist backlash to the Cheerios commercial?” She asked, following with a link. Apparently, a new Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial family was causing a big stir online, after racist comments on the commercial erupted on Youtube. I clicked the link and watched.

…that’s it? I thought. This is what got so many people upset?

DeAnna just recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her husband Bob. It was a wedding in which one year ago I stood up front with her as a bridesmaid. Her, being black, and Bob, being white, I can only imagine how such ridiculousness affects her. I, on the other hand, am left pondering one question:

Are these people just more trolls on the Internet, trying to cause a fuss by saying outrageous things, or worse, do they actual possess these feelings?

I wanted to see what DeAnna thought, so I asked her exactly that.

“I think they actually possess those thoughts,” she said. “Their true feelings can be spoken when they themselves cannot be seen.”

Unfortunately, since there is anonymity on the Internet, and comments like these will most definitely cause a reaction, perhaps a little of both is true.

I am currently dating someone who is Chinese. No one has made any comments towards he or I, and I didn’t expect anyone to. It is not something that concerned me and after I saw this commercial, I began to wonder how anyone could judge another person’s relationship. Every person involved is just that, a person. It’s upsetting, if people actually do possess these feelings, that human beings are viewed as colors instead of people with feelings and emotions.

If these Youtube commenters are just part of the Internet troll population, I would say the best strategy is to not acknowledge them. Every time I watch a video on Youtube, even if it’s a cat chasing her tail, I swear there is a fight erupting in the comments section. People will say anything to get a rise out of others in real life, add the facelessness of the Internet and all of the sudden people get braver and more outraegous.

One comment

  1. I would have to agree with your friends about this. I myself am of mixed races and when I saw this commercial I smiled, for once someone represented people like me. For some reason people feel a lot braver when they are behind a computer screen or when they reply as anonymous user. It still surprises me that people are still racist in 2013. Maybe 20-30 years from now it won’t be so bad.

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