The Hangover Part III (A Review)

They caused a stir when they took roofies by accident in Las Vegas and ended up in a trashed hotel room with a baby and Mike Tyson’s tiger.

Then, they battled gunfire and a drug-dealing monkey in Bangkok.

Now, the “wolf pack” is back for a third adventure in the Hangover, Part III. This time, they find themselves on the side of the road, being kidnapped and threatened by Marshall (John Goodman) into getting the gold back that was taken from him by the infamous Leslie Chou (Ken Jeong). It all happens on the way to Arizona, where they plan to take goofball Alan (Zach Galifianakis) to rehab.

The movie follows a similar pattern to the first 2 in the triology, with the friends encountering obstacle after obstacle, intermixed with crude jokes the whole way through. While the pattern is similar, and there are no out of the ordinary (besides the typical wild and crazy stuff we saw in the first movies) stunts, it is still funny. The jokes are not recycled, funnier or less funny, they are simply presented in the same format, but different at the same time.

All the same characters we were introduced to in the first 2 movies were present in the third, but (without giving too much away, of course), we are introduced to a few new ones as well. That said, you definitely need to have seen the first 2 movies if you want to follow the plotline of this one. Not only do the characters reappear, but there are many funny references to the first 2 films that will fly right over your head if you don’t have any knowledge of them.

Leave the kids at home for this one, but do check it out if you enjoyed the first 2 movies and you are in the mood to laugh.

While I don’t know if a fourth movie will be made, I can’t say I would be disappointed if there was. Although, I don’t know what shenanigans the wolf pack could possibly encounter next, and all good things eventually must come to an end.

I give this 4 out of 5 giraffes.

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