Is our generation too impatient?

I got home today, heated up some soup in the microwave (because who has time for the stove when you’re hungry), sat down and began my usual routine of checking social media. There was an interesting trend on Twitter tonight.


I read through some of them. “Reading through the terms and conditions! Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Yeah! I thought. That’s so true!

“Removing the USB “safely” from your computer.” That is SO true, I thought.

I joined in, expressing my own detestation for commercials during my favorite T.V. shows. Then, I got to thinking, is it just me or, is our generation too impatient?

We’re so used to our smartphones with high-speed internet, DVDs and technology that makes it possible to skip right over commercials, and one of the most popular social media sites on the web makes you condense your thought into 140 characters or less.

After all, who has time for all that reading?

I find myself getting to the bus stop and if the bus tracker displays a time longer than 5 minutes, a disapproving shake of my head or an ‘Oh, come on’ is sure to follow. And let’s not even discuss the words that go through my head if there’s heavy traffic.

The words “patience is a virtue” seem to have existed my entire lifetime, and while I seemed to have heard it over and over again, it’s like it hasn’t sunk in. The truth is that patience is a gift, and it’s one that will pay off in the end. To take the time to make a delicious meal, or to sit down and write a novel. (I’ve started writing stories in the past, but I haven’t finished one). The end result will be worth the time that was not spent rushing.

Patience has always been a quality in others that I have respected and admired. One day, maybe I can develop this trait. Why rush through things when time is better spent enjoying them? Life is too short.

And besides, ain’t nobody got time for that!


  1. It’s not just your generation; it started quite a while ago. I was a non-participant in the first wave of yuppies, and if you weren’t working loads of hours at a “job with a future” and paying too-close attention to your money, you just weren’t going to make it. Stocks were rising after a serious recession and it was time to make money and establish yourself NOW. Modern gadgets have only exacerbated that mood. I’ll say this though: we had coffee, not double-caffeine java Red Bull and 5-Hour-Breakdown to maintain an abnormally high level of consciousness. And that, I believe, is a major factor contributing to impatience, discourtesy, and folks not being able to sit for a while and enjoy some peace.

  2. Back in the day…..there wasn’t “social media”. You didn’t have facebook, twitter, cell phones, or computers…you had time to sit and read a book. It would be nice to be back to that time….and no I don’t think I’m old!!! 🙂

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