The strangest and most pointless fight ever

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber-image from

Log on to Twitter these days and if you don’t see something about Justin Bieber on the trending topics, well, hell must have frozen over. Airplanes better watch out for pigs because they fly now, and my toes are made of diamonds.

You don’t have to be on Twitter to know that Justin Bieber’s fans, or “Beliebers” are persistent, but Twitter makes it kick-you-in-your-face obvious. But I learned something recently about Beliebers, and while it made me laugh, it also had me confused.

It seems that for some time now, Justin Bieber’s fans and Lady Gaga’s fans have been at war over who has the better idol, who has the better fanbase, and who, overall is the winner. This “feud” or sorts was all over Twitter today as Lady Gaga, the most followed person on Twitter, reached 24 million followers. Justin Bieber has for a long time been second with 21 million. Fans of each of them battled back and forth. Here are just some of the tweets I saw, paraphrased.

“Big deal, Lady Gaga buys her followers anyway”

“Lady Gaga is more talented and beliebers can’t deal with it. Sit down, kids.”

“Lady Gaga is not the most followed woman on Twitter, she’s the most followed man.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. All I could think was, “Why?!” Comparing Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber seemed to me like comparing spaghetti and eggs. Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus. Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim. Those comparisons would make sense! But this…was just confusing. This fight it seems is on-going. And Lady Gaga’s fans nor Beliebers can seem to agree on an overall winner. I think I can help.

Lady Gaga is followed by millions of people on Twitter. Justin Bieber is also followed by millions. They have both made enough money to buy your house and mine. They both have inspired millions of people. Justin Bieber has inspired tons of young people to follow their dreams and to not give up. Lady Gaga has inspired a generation, spreading the positive message for everyone to love themselves because we were “Born This Way”. If you ask me, they both win.

Give the fight a rest. Both your idols are successful. And they don’t have a problem with each other. I’m sure you have better things to do anyway than argue over who is more talented, successful, and overall better. Because they are obviously both talented and influential.

In the end, it’s up to the “Beliebers” and the “Monsters” if they will end the non-sense, or keep everyone on Twitter entertained…or annoyed.


    • HA! I think my favorite part of the post was the comparison. Bieber and Gaga couldn’t be the worst side by side comparion. Absolutely pointless. And yet I have to admit, as totally ridonculous as the comments are, it’s almost amuzing in and of itself to watch the level of utter stupidity the comebacks become. I’m surprised it hasn’t come down to…well, she has boobs and he has moobs (manboobs!).

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