My [almost] encounter with a comedian.

Friday morning I walked to the bus with an umbrella over my head, rain-drenched socks and shoes, and a smile on my face. The day was shaping up to be a typical Friday…the best day of the week. It seemed I would make it to work on time, the day would go by, and it would finally be the weekend. But Friday I had one of those moments that simply put, just makes your day.

I stopped to get some Earl Grey vanilla tea at Argo,  a new and delicious tea flavor. It warmed me up as I walked to work. Then, just as I thought it’d be a normal day, I turned the corner, the WGN radio studio coming into view, when I saw this face.

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I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Keegan Michael Key, an actor/comedian who has not only been the man behind two of my favorite Mad TV characters, but has caused intense abdominal strain induced by laughter.

The first of it came when Coach Hines told a room full of students he would stab their jugular veins with a pencil, and that they had better find a seat, sit down, and “Secure it, or I will staple it son.”

Then there was Eugene Struthers, the silly star struck delivery man whose frequent encounters with celebrities included Hugh Laurie, Ray Romano, and Nelly Furtado.

I stood in front of the window with several others while he gave the interview. I had read previously he would be in the city on Saturday, doing an improv show with fellow Mad TV star and current co-star to his new show, “Key and Peele”, Jordan Peele. I have not yet seen this show, but have heard good things and can’t wait to see some clips.

At some point during the interview, and here comes the “bring me up” moment of the day, he turned and waved at us! After the interview was over, we waited to see if he would come outside, but he didn’t. By this time, I figured I had better get to work before it got too late. If only I could have met him!

It didn’t stop me from spending the rest of the day telling people what had happened. By lunch, I had almost convinced myself that I had met him. I was saying “Guess who I met!…I mean, saw…through glass…”

So if you’re still reading this post now, thank you. You may think it’s no big deal, but it truly made my day! And Keegan, if you ever, for whatever reason happen to stumble upon this blog, I think you’re hilarious and would love to meet you someday! You took my day to the HNL.

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