Fun & Fresh Air in Chicago

If there’s one thing that is unpredictable when it comes to Chicago, it is definitely the weather. As anyone who lives there knows, tomorrow you could have snow up to where your shorts ended the day before. To mine and many others’ surprise, the weather in Chicago has been extremely pleasant, and we are definitely not complaining.

Exploring the city is a lot easier and more fun when you don’t have to have every inch of your skin covered when going outdoors. Thus, this weekend has allowed me to try out a few different spots and see a few different sites. Allow me to share them with you.

Thursday evening I had my very first experience at a wine bar. I went to Eno Wine Bar on Michigan Avenue with friends from work. I learned what a flight is. It’s a tray of 3 different wines, complete with a description. I chose “flower power”, consisting of three different white wines all from different parts of South America with flowery tastes and aromas. In addition to the wine, my group also ordered a platter of cheeses, olives, and chocolates to go along with our flights. Everything was so well presented and classy. While it is a bit pricey for people on a budget, the atmosphere, presentation and the quality of what you are getting is great. This is a great spot to hit up for a chill evening after work. I am not a professional wine-taster, but the wine I tasted here was great!

Friday night was a change of scenery for me. Instead of the typical well-known spots I’ve visited in Wrigleyville and Lakeview, some friends and I after driving around some northside neighborhoods, settled on Lincoln Park. With another night of beautiful weather, we passed countless restaurants and bars with people taking advantage of outdoor seating. While I wish I could have tried them all, including Vapiano right across the street, we went to Dunlay’s on Clark.  While they offer a great deal of wine, I tried the “Dunlay’s Bloody Mary”, voted best in Chicago (not sure by whom). It was wonderful! It came with a stick of celery, an olive, a piece of salami, and a pickle! I am a big fan of things that double as a food and a drink.

Saturday was Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago. We battled our way through a sea of green and people that were drunk by midday to grab a spot along  Columbus in the hot sun. This might be the only time of the year where cell phone reception slows because of the massive crowds using the same cell phone towers. Nevertheless, the weather was fantastic yet again!

Finally, today I went on a stroll through the Near North Side, West Town, and the very edge of Bucktown and Wicker Park with my boyfriend, Dave.

The cool view from a bridge on West Division Street

I also tried what seems like a Chicago classic: Pizano’s Pizza. We had a pineapple sausage thin-crust pizza, after a bruschetta appetizer that was quite enjoyable.

While I certainly had a fun weekend filled with new sites and eats, there’s a city out there of more restaurants and neighborhoods for me to visit. With the warm weather, there’s no better time!

In the meantime, let me know about your new adventures and restaurant recommendations in the city!


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