Amanda Knox acquitted of murder: Your reactions

I’ve followed the case of Amanda Knox for a long time. I’ve watched two documentaries on the case, read about it on Wikipedia, and have read the various articles written through the years. Yesterday, we found out that Amanda Knox, who had spent three years of her life in an Italian prison, charged with the murder of her roomate Meredith Kercher, was acquitted, along with Rafaele Sollecito (her boyfriend at the time of the murder). If you haven’t seen it, watch the video of her acquittal below:

Personally, I am happy with the outcome of this case. I never felt that Amanda Knox or Sollecito committed this murder, based on my knowledge and research. I don’t see much credible evidence, and I certainly don’t see a motive.

We can’t forget about Rudy Guede. It was his DNA that was found on the victim, and he who had raped her. Not only this, he fled the country after she was murdered and was arrested. He is serving a 16-year sentence for the murder.

I never understood why Knox and Sollecito, two seemingly happy kids enjoying Italy, would help Guede in committing the murder of a girl they seemed to have no problem with. That’s why I am satisfied with their acquittal. All I can say is that I hope the two of them take part in some interviews about this entire thing, because I would love to hear what they have to say.

What did you think of Amanda Knox and Rafaele Sollecito’s acquittal? Leave me a comment below and share your thoughts!


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