Meredith Kercher’s dad speaks about Amanda Knox

In a recent article written by Meredith Kercher’s father, he outlines a few of the ways in Knox and Sollecito’s innocence is questionable.

The article, which can be found here:,people,news,meredith-kerchers-father-slams-foxy-knoxy-frenzy lays out the following points:

One. During the original murder trial, both Knox and Sollecito claimed that on the night of the murder – November 1, 2007 – they were nowhere near the cottage where Kercher’s body was found dead. Sollecito claimed he was at home working at his computer. But Sollecito’s computer records showed it was inactive that night.

Two. It appeared obvious to police that a break-in at the cottage had been staged. Police noticed that glass from a broken window was on top of clothes purportedly scattered by the intruder. But if the glass had been broken by the intruder, it would have been under the clothes.

Three. Sollecito told police nothing was taken from the room where the broken glass was found. But it was not his room and had not yet been searched by the Italian girl who lived there – so how would he know?

Four. Knox was able to describe the position of Meredith’s body and how she died. How did she know? She was not able to see into the room whose door was locked shut before the police broke it down.

As far as number two goes, could Rudy Guede not have staged a break-in? I suppose it doesn’t make sense if Guede actually DID break in.
As far as the last two, I was unaware of these details. The article states that Knox’s new appeal could take until September, and a second appeal could take years.
If Knox is denied two appeals, does that mean she will have to serve her 26-year sentence without hope of getting out early?
This case is so intriguing, and I wonder what DID really happen that night in Perugia. I will continue to follow the news on this case, and share what I find. Meanwhile, I am curious what people think of these four points. Leave me a comment below and let me know your opinion.


  1. Amanda and Raffaele didn’t do it. It is most unfortunate that Mr. Kercher thinks they did. The evidence cited here is hollow and/or not true. So what if Raffaele said nothing was stolen? All he knew was that certain valuable items (computers) were in plain sight and Amanda had told him none of her stuff was missing. As for what Amanda “knew,” she was under the mistaken impression that the body was found in the closet, which was not the case.

    Take a look at this:

    Click to access Meredith_Kercher_murder_reconstruction_graphic_-_Ron_Hendry.pdf

    This is what really happened to Meredith. I’m terribly sorry for the loss suffered by the family of this beautiful young woman. Keeping two innocent people in prison is no way to honor her memory.

  2. 1) There is, in fact, activity on Sollicito’s computer that night (the one the police experts did not destroy during the inspection process), but even if there wasn’t, not using your computer while your girlfriend is visiting is hardly proof of murder.

    2) The police who identified the break in as “staged” were postal police who do not investigate burglaries. They were not qualified to say whether or not the break in was staged. There was no investigation of the burglary at the time it was discovered. In fact, the police who answered the call smoked cigarettes under the window that Rudy Guede used to gain access to the house. Forensic engineer, Ron Hendry, is the only person to examine the crime scene photos and he certainly proved to most people’s satisfaction that the break in was NOT staged.

    3)The reason Sollecito stated nothing was taken was because the laptop computer and digital camera were still on the desk where Filomena Romanelli left them. Generally those are the types of things criminals of this sort steal. That Sollecito said this is certainly no indication that he murdered someone.

    4) How was it documented that Amanda Knox knew the position and condition of Meredith’s body? Who told John Kercher this? There is no recording of Knox reciting these details. At best this must be hearsay. How reliable is the person who claims this is true?

    John Kercher wants to believe that a girl killed his daughter. There is no physical evidence that supports his belief. Not only are all of his points easily refuted, even if they weren’t refuted none of them can be used in an honest court of law to convict someone of murder. I feel sorry for this man but, frankly, not as sorry for him as I feel for the families of Knox and Sollecito. A burglar murdered Meredith Kercher. That’s what the evidence tells us. Her flatmate had nothing to do with it. A grave injustice has been done in this case and needs to be straightened out.

  3. Hi there. I have to say that the things that you read in that article are simply not true.
    There is much more to this story. No one really has the time or takes the time to invest in looking at it.
    I would suggest (or .com). I also know that the two commenter above know their stuff. Good luck in your searching… 🙂

  4. What rubbish on these comments. Amanda Knox is guilty because 1. Her Alibis changed several times 2. She defamed an innocent person to deflect scrutiny 3. Eyewitnesses placed her at the crime scene at the time of the murder, despite her alibi. 4. Eyewitnesses and a receipt showed that she bought cleaning supplies early in the morning, despite her alibi 5. Luminol picked up her DNA in four seperate places mixed with Kercher’s DNA in a bathroom that looked like a slaughterhouse, find the photos online. 6. Her footprints were traced upstairs where the break in was staged 7. She knew details of the body even though the police reported that she and Raff were outside when the door was broken down and never had access to the room, so they couldn’t have known what was in the room unless they were guilty. 8. She had the only KEY to get into the place and evidence shows the body WAS moved several hours later and there was evidence of cleaning up the crime scene. If you want a REAL link instead of the emotional links presented above go to

  5. She got away with murder. Just blamed the nearest black man who wasn’t her accomplice and she’s free! What a princess.

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