If I Ruled the World

Life is beautiful, and I am lucky to be here. But do you ever run into a situation that either doesn’t make sense, or would be so much better if it were different? I’ve decided to compile a few of those thoughts or musings, if you will, below.

Daylight Savings Time (particularly when the clocks are changed an hour ahead) would occur during school or work rather than in the middle of the night. Who wants to lose an hour of sleep?

There would be no such systematic ways of citing sources when writing papers. MLA, APA, Chicago style? No, how about it doesn’t matter as long as I list my sources.

Owning a car is too expensive. You have to buy the car, buy the insurance, buy gas, and pay for parking. I say raise the price of buying a car by a little and everything else is inclusive.

ATM’s would actually just give you money whenever you needed it. Bank accounts? Who needs them?

In addition to flotation devices and oxygen masks, airplanes should be equipped with parachutes. It makes sense.

Every other train would run express to where I’m going.

Do you have any of your own ideas for “If I ruled the world”? Please share them by leaving me a comment below.

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  1. I’m gonna go ahead and assume you know very well why each one of these would be terrible if implemented (except the citing one; I don’t really care about that).

    So let me just once again take the time to say, “Standard parachutes? Really? Must we disprove you again?”

  2. Before ATMs, I used to figure I didn’t run out of money til I ran out of checks. Then when ATMs started up, and you could withdraw $5 at a time, I’d toss the receipts on the table in the living room and….uh….bounce a rent check. Lesson for all you youngsters out there….

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