It will be Rahm

In case you hadn’t heard, Rahm Emanuel has been elected Mayor of Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Rahm Emanuel had 55.2% of the vote, with Gery Chico coming in second, and Miguel del Valle in third. Carol Mosely-Braun came in fourth. Over 5o % and Emanuel can safely say he has won.

I had the fantastic opportunity to cover the election for one of my classes, and I went to Miguel del Valle’s election party. It was a fantastic experience and Del Valle gave a great speech.

What are your thoughts on the election tonight? Share your views by leaving a comment. 🙂


  1. None of the candidates detailed exactly how they are going to accomplish their goals. For example, if you want to hire 2,000 more cops, fine – who pays for it? Emmanuel’s early tenure could be marked by a lighter version of the Council Wars that broke out when Harold Washington was elected in the early ’80s. I hope he avoids the legislative paralysis that resulted from that. Anyway, he’s already declared war on Ed Burke. The remaining aldermanic races will tell the tale regarding who Emmanuel’s allies and enemies are.

  2. Yeah, all campaign promises aside, I don’t think the politicians themselves know, much less us, how they will handle the city once they become mayor.

    We’ll have to see how Rahm will do. As long as he keeps things running smoothly, I’ll be ok with him.

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