Don’t get an animal you can’t take care of

It’s not uncommon to hear about drunken bar fights, or two people angry at one another who get violent and start throwing punches.
But if you ask me, animal abuse is a whole new breed of cruel.
It never ceases to amaze me how some people treat animals. You always hear the occasional story about animal abuse, and each time it breaks my heart. But what some people seem to pass over is animal neglect, i.e. treating animals like houseplants instead of wonderful companions.
Check out this post, from the Chicago Tribune:
The cat was rescued by a couple who found him outside after surviving a night of sub-zero temperatures and after being shot by an arrow.
What kind of a person sees a cat and thinks it would be funny to shoot it with an arrow?
That cat underwent three hours of surgery and thankfully is expected to survive.
I remember being in school and watch “Of Mice and Men”, and I remember so many people in my class were more upset when the dog was killed rather than the man. I could never understand why. After all, it was a human being!
Now that I’m older, I think I understand. It’s sad when people die, yes. But when one person puts their hand on another person in a violent way, at least that person is able to defend themselves (most of the time). How can someone abuse an innocent animal, one that relies on humans for care?
If you ask me, that’s a whole new catergory of low.


  1. Megan, I totally agree that it is often harder to accept the death of an animal than a man. They really are helpless without the love and care of a human. I can’t believe someone shot the cat with an arrow! That really is a new low.
    I think fair punishment for people who abuse animals should be that they are locked up in a cage and tortured…no I’m not talking prison (that would be far to luxurious) but instead a small animal cage, where they couldn’t move around much. Seems like fair punishment to me.
    My dog Rusty is my only child and I will protect him as if he were a human child. I pity the fool who would ever try to hurt my boy.
    🙂 KC

  2. Harming animals as a kid is one of the major signs of sociopathy. I think that the people able to actually do that and feel nothing surpass cruel and go straight to inhuman (in addition to inhumane.)

  3. That’s terrible. You make a really good point that humans are usually at least somewhat of an equal match, while animals literally depend on humans for their survival. It’s cruel to treat them like that.

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