Megan’s Movie Monday: Just Go With It

I’d seen the ads for the new movie,”Just Go With It” directed by Dennis Dugan and starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman on T.V. and elsewhere. I couldn’t decide if it was something I’d enjoy or not. But when Saturday night came and a friend suggested going to the movies, I went with it.

The premise of the movie had me skeptical. A guy (Adam Sandler) scores with women by wearing a fake wedding ring, telling them some sob story about how his wife cheats on him, or he’s abused. One day he meets a much younger woman who he falls for, and she finds the ring in his pocket. After being demanded an explanation, the guy (Danny) says he is married but is soon going to be officially divorced. It seems as if Danny is home-free until his new beauty wants to meet the wife to ensure Danny is telling the truth.

Danny then enlists his assistant Katherine (Aniston) to play his fake wife. But one lie leads to many, many more.

I must say, based on the premise of the movie, I had low expectations, and they were surpassed. I actually enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. There were a few problems with it, though.

The first of these is that what was happening did not seem real. In other words, I found myself saying “Yeah right” plenty of times during the course of the movie. Many elements were forced for the sole purpose of creating entertainment. The lies Danny tells to create a fake life are so ridiculous, you can’t help but acknowledge the fact that he could have cleared up all the nonsense in the first five minutes by saying “Her kids are from another marriage.” But then, of course, we wouldn’t have a movie.

The second problem with this movie is that there was too much reliance on “the hot girl.” Advertisements for the movie all feature Danny’s young, hot girlfriend Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) clad in a bikini. While she is, indeed, beautiful, her character is unfortunately not believable. I would like to think that any real woman would not believe some of the hogwash being spouted by Danny.

Just Go With It does have something going for it, and that’s the comedic performance of Sandler and Aniston. While the movie wasn’t believable, it was entertaining and I laughed a lot. Entertainment goes a lot further than believability (a word?) in many cases, unless of course the movie aims to be believable, in which case this one does not succeed. So, the movie kept me laughing and kept up my interest for the most part except for some stretched scenes between Aniston and Sandler that could have been cut down a few minutes.

My recommendation is that if you looked at the ad for this movie and gave it any thought at all, but may have been skeptical, give it a shot. No, it won’t win an award for being realistically plausible, but it will make you smile and laugh. And hey, we all love to smile and laugh once in a while. It is for that reason, one a rating system I just completely made up off the top of my head, that I am giving “Just Go With It” 3 out of 4 coconuts. (See the movie and you’ll understand).

One comment

  1. “I went with it.”

    Classic, just classic!

    My suggestion for future reviews: go all out Gene Shallot with it! More puns!

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