Tuesday Topic: What’s your New Year’s Resolution?


The holiday season often arrives before we know it. With the hectic schedules surrouding exams and final papers, Christmas creeps up on me and comes and goes far too quickly. It is a time for loved ones and spending time with them. I’m sad that Christmas is over.

But there’s another holiday creeping up on us and that is the welcoming of the New Year. Not only is it a time to celebrate the year past—accomplisments, momentous events, but it is also a time for improvement. What did I not accomplish in 2010 that I wanted to? What is a goal I can set for myself for the new year? It’s the time when people come up with New Year’s resolutions.

A common new year’s resolution is to lose weight. To stop smoking, to work out more. Those are great (and I do need to start working out more), but I have one resolution that I’m putting at the top of my list: Being appreciative and let the little things go.

It’s harder than it seems but I feel that it is the way to be the happiest, to be the most stress-free best Megan I can be. And who doesn’t want to be the best they can be?

Too often I let things bother me that don’t matter ten minutes after they happen. The person that cut me in line. The driver who pulled out in front of me. Misunderstandings. It’s easy for us to latch on to negative feelings that cause us more harm and unhappiness than if we would have let it go in the first place.

Another resolution of mine is to be appreciative. I invite everyone to do the same. It’s easy to get wrapped up in whatever problem is currently happening, so much so that we ignore everything that is good. This Christmas, I had a wonderful family, I had plenty of nice food, and got more presents than I deserved. How many people are out there that didn’t have all that? I am truly a fortunate person, and my goal for the new year is to realize that every day.

Someone once told me to aim for making an effort more so than completely promising to do something every day. Unrealistic goals can result in feelings of failure. There will be times when you will struggle, there will be times when you find yourself letting things get to you that shouldn’t. The best way is to make an effort to think better, and learn from mistakes.

I’m thinking positive, and excited for the new year. 2011 will be great, and my thoughts are with everyone. May you find happiness and success in 2011.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Josh and I made a pact to not eat sugary things. For now its just a January resolution, and we’ll modify it each month. It fits in well with my resolution to be healthier in general.

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