Megan’s Movie Monday: A kick-off

I would like to formally introduce the readers to “Megan’s Movie Monday”.

I’ve decided to make every Monday a “Megan’s Movie Monday” day, and every Monday I hope to post something movie-related to Megan’s Musings. It could be a movie review, a piece on a specific actor/actress, a group of movies, etc.

While I love seeing movies in the theater when they are new, money is tight so I can’t do that as often as I would like. So although I hope to review movies that are in the theaters once in a while, I plan on also using Netflix, and reviewing some fairly recent movies for people who also can’t afford to see movies on a completely regular basis.

Also, I am open to suggestions for reviews as well. If you want, leave a comment and let me know what movie you would like to see reviewed. I’ll do my best.

For the introduction of “Megan’s Movie Monday”, I would like to compile a list for my readers of my own favorite movies. Leave me a comment with your own lists, or your opinion of any of the movies I’ve mentioned.

Top Ten Faves (In no particular order)

1. Bend it like Beckham

2. Rent

3. Seven Pounds

4. Wedding Crashers

5. Bruce Almighty

6. The 40-year old virgin

7. Matchpoint

8. Monster In Law

9. Diary of a mad black woman

10. Eurotrip

Three actor you can’t go wrong with:

Jim Carey-He may be best known for flicks like “Dumb and Dumber” and “Liar, Liar” but there are other movies he stars in that I really enjoy. There are three in particular that come to mind. I recommend The Mask, Bruce Almighty, and The Grinch. Carey is one of the funniest actors, in my opinion, and all of these movies are entertaining and had me laughing out loud.

Steve Carell-If you have seen The Office, you know how funny Steve Carell can be. If you are a Carell fan, I recommend the 40 year old virgin, if you haven’t already seen it.

Will Ferrell-He had everyone cracking up on Saturday Night Live, and there are a lot of movies he is featured in that make me laugh out loud. I just received “Talledega Nights” for Christmas from my sister, and watched it again yesterday. I was reminded of how funny it was. This movie stars Will Ferrell. Other movies that feature Ferrell that I recommend are Superstar and Wedding Crashers.

Movies that teach you something about life: Three of my favorites

1. Rent-The musical turned movie seems depressing when people first describe it. I thought it was depressing when I first heard about the plot: A group of young people living in New York that are struggling with poverty, and who are artists trying to create. Four of the main characters are also suffering from HIV/AIDS. The music and lyrics are by Jonathan Larson. I saw this movie in theaters around Christmas when it first came out. I saw it because a lot of people had been talking about it, playing the music, and I was curious as to what it was all about. I loved it. Although it deals with some tough issues, there are many great elements of hope and powerful messages about life, mainly “No day but today” or living life in the present. “There’s only now, there’s only fear, give in to love, or live in fear.” Not only did I laugh and cry at this movie, the songs are fantastic and I found myself singing along and the songs stuck in my head all day.

2. Diary of a Mad Black Woman-This is one of Tyler Perry’s movies featuring Madea. If you don’t know who Madea is, you might want to look her up. This movie has a comedic element, but it also has powerful lessons about life, mainly happiness is more important than wealth, and also the importance of forgiveness.

3. Click-When Adam Sandler’s character obtains a universal remote control that allows him to fast-forward through hard times, and replay the good moments, he thinks he’s got it made. But eventually he learns that the hard times are necessary to enjoy the good times. This movie makes you laugh and cry.


What I would watch when I:

Need to be cheered up: Wedding Crashers

Want to think: Seven Pounds

Want a feel-good film: Bend it Like Beckham

What I recommend now: Monster In Law

Have a recommendation for a movie I should see? Want to share your own favorite movies? Feel free! Leave e a comment, and remember that from now on, Monday is “Megan’s Movie Monday.”

One comment

  1. I liked Jim Carey in Yes Man too, although Bruce Almighty is one of my favorites. Also, we should watch Talladega Nights sometime. Also Seven Pounds.

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