My most embarassing injury

Sure, when I was younger, I wiped out on my bike a few times. I skinned my knees, bruised my elbows,and I’ve stubbed my toe more times than I can count. But the injury I got last Tuesday night by far takes the cake for most embarassing.

I was with a friend at a noodle restaurant and we had just finished our delicious meal. The doors were set up in such a way that there was a door on the side, then ANOTHER door to exit the restaurant.

On the way out, the OCD in me kicked in and I thought I should check the table one last time to make sure we hadn’t left anything. So, I went back and gave the table a quick glance.

Now comes the embarassing part. After I check the table, I started jogging towards the door. I saw my friend standing in what I now realize was the second doorway. My brain must have blocked out the first window of pure glass since I was focusing on her, because I slammed my face straight into the glass. My hands weren’t even out in front of me as a barrier. It was my nose that stopped me.

And with a “THUD” my hands flew up to my face, covering my nose. My first instinct was to continue outside as to avoid laughter and stares from inside the restaurant.

My friend, who was well-meaning, thought I was laughing, as my hands were covering my nose and mouth. She then realized I had tears running down my cheeks and my nose was bleeding. Before we knew it, we were both standing on the sidewalk crying–her because she was laughing so hard, and me because of the pain. But I was laughing too. It just hurt so bad!

The manager of the restaurant came out and offered an ice pack. After taking care of the nosebleed in the bathroom, he took an accident report.He joined in on the laughter when he heard a description of what happened.

Even though I felt like a complete idiot and it was totally my fault, he gave us a free meal before we left. As we walked…this time slowly and out the correct doorway, we noticed a faceprint on the window, complete with the nose and lips. Then the laughter started up again.

My friend wiped off the faceprint, tears in her eyes again, and we made our way back to school. We told the story to all of our friends.

Nearly a week later, my nose feels a lot better. It has not completely healed and feels a little bit strange, but for the most part it’s back to normal.

Why would I write about this? Why wouldn’t I lie to people and say my nose hurt because I have a bad cold or something? The real reason is so embarassing.

But it makes for a good story, and now that the pain has subsided, I can just laugh instead of laughing and crying.

Also, injuries like this happen. Atleast, I think they do. And if I can laugh about it, you can too.


  1. Megan, this made me laugh out loud. I’m glad you’re okay, but the face print on the glass is hilarious. I love you! 🙂

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