1. Wow, good backing up and lots of background! Pretty nice.

    My opinion:

    Steve – I’m not entirely sure that ALL of his shows are actor-free, but I do appreciate the stuff he focuses on more than other shows like that. Plus it’s very cathartic!

    Tyra – Eh, other TV personalities promote those things too. She’s pretty self-obsessed.

    Chris – His show is entertaining, and nobody likes pedophiles!

    That’s what I think about the three important people.


  2. I love your selection of people you admire. I think a lot of people would pick obvious choices like Obama or Oprah or other well-known celebrities, but you chose people who are often judged by what they are known for and then disregarded. Are these people just some Chinese singer, that guy on Jerry Springer, a supermodel, or that dateline guy? No, you told us exactly why these people do stand out as good people and should be recognized. I like that. Good job! 🙂

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