The perfect picture project

The perfect picture project

            With the lack of homework, every summer I find myself taking on some sort of hobby—whatever that may be.

            Last summer, it was working out. The summer before that, it was learning languages.

            When I got back from China from a semester abroad in mid-May, a friend of mine had been doing something called the “365” project. Every day for one year she would take a photo of herself. By the time I got back, she was already half-way through the year with her photos.

            Looking through her photos, I was both amazed by her talent as a photographer and surprised at the project. I thought the idea was simply to take a picture of yourself every day to see how you age. This was until I talked to her about the project and did a little research.

            It was not my friend’s original idea, but one that has and is being done by photographers everywhere. The idea is to do one self-portrait every day. This can be taken anywhere, with anyone or anything. The only rules are that the person doing the project must be in every photo, even if it’s just a hand or a foot. Also, the person who is doing the project must be the one to take the photo, or it must be taken on an automatic timer.

            The goal behind the project is to look back at a year and to improve on photography. I have never considered myself a photographer, and my knowledge and skill level certainly did not match up to this particular friend, but I really like taking photos. So I decided to start the “365” project myself.

            Now, I have taken over 50 photos. It hasn’t been the easiest. Some days when I remember I have to take a photo for the day, I am reluctant because I don’t have an idea. I learned, however, that this is all part of the learning experience. Sometimes when no idea comes to mind, those are the results that can impress you the most.

            I have found the “365” project to be wonderful so far. I have already started to look back through my collection of photos that I have taken, and I find myself thinking back to the day I took the photo; what I was doing, where I was going, and how I was feeling. If the project can bring on this type of reaction after just under two months, I can only imagine what a year’s worth of pictures will show.

            To me, the project is a great way to document everyday life and to express a particular idea. Even though sometimes I find myself unsure and without ideas for a particular day, it is still worth it.

            I recommend this project to anyone—a photographer or not. The knowledge I have of cameras and photography does not extend too far beyond flash or no flash, point and click.

            By starting the project, you will be able to learn how to better take photos, and look back upon the photos you took and remember who you were with on a particular day and what you did. You will see how you, along with your ideas have changed. Most of all, at the end of one year you will have a vast collection of pictures that tell a story.

            To me, this is the perfect picture project.

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